Greetings from Maple Tree Publishing!

If you are looking for the best publishing firm where you can get the opportunity to have your book published, you can stop searching now. Maple Tree Publishing is here to make sure that we can provide all the best literary creation made by numerous writers.

Hard Cover Books

Who says hard covered books are out of style? It never is and it never will. We are still producing books that are meticulously made which can surely last another lifetime. If you want your books to be protected, you can trust us to make it happen.

Paperback Books

If what you desire is the convenience of the readers, we can assure you that the paperback option is perfect. It’s light and easy to carry even though it is made through thick papers.


We all know how technology changed a lot of things. We see to it that even the people who are engrossed with technology can still have the chance to read good stuff. E-books from Maple Tree Publishing are one of the most in demand these days.
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