Getting rejected by different publishing companies is very common for aspiring writers. Don’t lose hope, because we now have the option to publish our book. Check out the best tips if you want to have a self-published book.

The basics

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The first thing that you have to understand is the rights that you will have for the book. You have to obtain an International Standard Book Number for your benefit. It will guarantee that after the book has been published, you still have the rights to it. If it needs to be reproduced, you can have it published on a different firm.

The budget

Publishing a book will require money. It is important that you plan the expenses well. Make sure you have decided on how many books you want to publish or better yet, look for a company that will publish books just when you need it.

The marketing

It is important that you plan the marketing strategy for the book even before it is released. Make use of the several social media platforms so you can entice the readers to buy your book.

The publisher

The last step is to choose a publisher. There are a lot of publishing company that you can choose from. What’s important is that you check on their terms. There are publishing firms that will not ask for initial payment for publishing the book and will just take a percentage of the sales while some will require onset payment then all revenue goes to the writer.

With the self-published book option, there is no more reason for you to be depressed over rejection. The success of the book is entirely up to you. You just need to be a little patient, but your hard work will surely pay off.

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