The 4 Pointers You Need to Know When Submitting a Manuscript

The most challenging step if you want a book to be published is when you need to submit the manuscript. It’s because you are not sure about what the outcome would be. Don’t worry because here are some pointers that can help you if you want to submit a manuscript. Check it out and get the approval you need.


Every publishing company will surely have their standards when it comes to the format they want for the manuscripts. It’s fine. You can go ahead and check their websites to see the things that you need to follow. It’s also necessary for you to know if they are open for any manuscript submission.


You can search for the different publishing firms, but there is no better way to get to know which ones are the best than getting it straight from the writers. Join the different community that is within the circle of writers. They can give you the tips on which company will work best for your content.


It is the most important part. If the manuscript is poorly prepared, the chances of getting rejected are high. Make sure that it is free from typographical errors. You can hire a professional editor to make sure that everything is in place with the grammar and even the sentence construction.

The Cover Letter

Alongside with your manuscript, it is important that you will submit a cover letter. Make sure that it will be addressed to the editor who will be reading you work. The generic “to the concern or to whom it may concern” should not be visible in any way.

If you can guarantee that you can take care of these four pointers, there is a big chance that you can get the approval of the firm and have your work published.